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Ahmad’s modified trabeculectomy technique

Syed Shoeb Ahmad

231-240 |

Outcome of frontalis suspension surgery in pediatric ptosis

Safinaz Mohd Khialdin, Frank J. Martin, Michael Jones, Craig Donaldson

242-249 |

Validation of the WINROP screening algorithm among preterm infants in East Malaysia

Nurhayati Abdul Kadir, Syed Shoeb Ahmad, Shuaibah Abdul Ghani, Mae-Lyn Catherine Bastion

250-259 |

Comparative study of ocular manifestations of HIV infection at a tertiary care hospital in Maharashtra, India

Sanjeevani Ambekar, Dhiraj Badale, Dileep Kadam, Sonali Salvi

260-267 |

Optimized imaging of the suprachoroidal space with swept-source OCT

Joel Hanhart, Rozenman Yaacov

323-328 |

Risk factors for anxiety and depression in patients diagnosed with glaucoma at the Philippine General Hospital

Christine Siguan Bell, Nilo Vincent D.G. Florcruz

329-344 |

Case Reports/Case Series

Extraocular muscle enlargement: rare presentation of plasmablastic lymphoma

Mridula Jacob, Vijaya Pai H.

293-297 |

Two cases of spontaneous closure of full-thickness macular hole

Tan Hung Heng, Kiet Phang Ling, Haslina Mohd Ali

298-301 |

A peculiar case of corneal autograft in a patient with bilateral advanced glaucoma

Vipul Bhandari, Sri Ganesh, Sneha Thapliyal

302-306 |

Implantation of ArtificialIris, a CustomFlex® iris prosthesis, in a trauma patient with an Artisan lens

Farideh Doroodgar, Mahmoud Jabbarvand, Feazollah Niazi, Sana Niazi, Azad Sanginabadi

307-318 |

Eyelash in lacrimal punctum: demonstrating a negative pressure in the lacrimal sac

Anil Kumar Verma, Avantika Dogra, Rajeev Tuli

319-322 |

Letters to the Editor

Diluting 5-fluorouracil with normal saline reduces patient discomfort

Keith Ong, Ru Ming Ong, Daisy Shu

229-230 |