The purpose of this paper is to illustrate a case of large conjunctival nevus in a 10-year-old boy which was successfully treated with surgical excision and amniotic membrane transplant (AMT) reconstruction. The conjunctival nevus was initially noticed by the parents 1 year prior to presentation; they reported it had increased in size over the past 3 months. Slit-lamp examination revealed a pigmented conjunctival nevus measuring 5.5 mm vertically and 6.5 mm horizontally, with well-demarcated margins and presence of an intralesional cyst at the temporal bulbar conjunctiva, involving the limbus and encroaching onto the cornea. Complete resection of the conjunctival lesion and bulbar conjunctival reconstruction were performed. The histopathological examination showed conjunctival nevus. The wound healed well with vision of 6/6 and no recurrence. Surgical resection combined with AMT is a successful and an effective way to treat conjunctival