A 56-year-old women presented with redness, pain and diminution of vision in theright eye for the past month after having undergone cataract surgery six months earlier byphacoemulsification with implantation of a posterior chamber intraocular lens. No history oftrauma, systemic or any ocular surface diseases were recorded. She had symptoms of photophobiaand floaters. B-scan ultrasonography in the right eye demonstrated membrane echoesthat were suggestive of endophthalmitis supported with thickened retinal choroid scleracomplex. The intra-vitreal aspirate and urine specimen revealed presence of yeast-like fungusunder direct microscopy and culture, while the blood, sputum and vaginal swab samples provednegative. Microbiological evaluation of ocular and other clinical specimens clearly confirmedthat the source of infection could be attributed to the urinary tract being infected with C.albicans which could have arisen from contamination. This report fortifies the possible risk ofurinary tract infection as a causative agent in post-operative endophthalmitis.