Orbital cellulitis following Caldwell Luc procedure for maxillary sinusitis leading to a rare complication of central retinal artery occlusion

  • Deepti Mahajan Senior resident ophthalmology
  • Gaurav Sharma Assistant Professor ,Ophthalmology
  • Rajeev Tuli Professor and Head ,Ophthalmology
Keywords: artery, Caldwell Luc, cellulitis, occlusion, orbital, retina, sinusitis


Posterior orbital cellulitis is a clinical syndrome in which early severe visual loss overshadows or precedes accompanying inflammatory orbital signs. It is an ocular emergency that can threaten life and vision. Central retinal artery occlusion (CRAO) is a very rare condition leading to sudden onset of decreased vision and can even progress to blindness. We report a case of orbital cellulitis following Caldwell Luc surgery in a middle-aged diabetic woman, resulting in the rare complication of CRAO, leading to blindness in her right eye. The development of retinal artery occlusion after orbital cellulitis has not been well documented in literature. A quick diagnosis and close monitoring following sinus surgery is therefore needed to prevent such rare complications to happen.


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