Aim: To evaluate the success and complications of anterior lamellar recession (ALR) in trachomatous cicatricial entropion.
Methods: Twenty-six consecutive patients (forty upper eyelids) with trachomatous cicatricial entropion underwent ALR between 2003 and 2010. All patients had aberrant lashes with severe abnormal lid margin. Anatomical success was defined as disappearance of lid margin abnormality. Presence of aberrant lash did not indicate a treatment failure. Complete success was described as anatomical success without abrading abnormal lashes.
Results: ALR was performed on the 40 upper eyelids (19 right and 21 left). The average duration of follow-up time was 34 months (range: six to 84 months). Anatomical success was achieved in 28 out of 40 lids (70%). Trichiasis developed in 18 eyelids post-operatively (45%), so complete success rate was 55%.
Conclusion: ALR is a well-established procedure with an acceptable success rate for management of trachomatous cicatricial entropion and severe lid margin abnormality. The most important drawback of this procedure is development of trichiasis.