Aim: To report the occurrence of intraoperative complications caused by accidental release of either a viscoelastic or hydrodissection cannula.
Methods: This was a retrospective study from 1 January 2004 to 30 December 2009. The records of patients undergoing phacoemulsification during this period were reviewed. The records of patients with complications due to inadvertent release of either a viscoelastic agent cannula or a hydrodissection cannula were reviewed and the data were collected.
Results: Four patients had complications due to inadvertent cannula release during this period. The complications noted were zonular dialysis with vitreous prolapse, hyphaema, posterior capsular rupture with vitreous loss, and nucleus drop with vitreous loss. The final best-corrected visual acuity in 3 patients was 20/30, and 20/40 in the fourth patient due to chronic cystoid oedema.
Conclusion: Complications due to accidental release of the cannula are unfortunate and can be easily avoided by adopting few simple precautions.