Aim: Evaluation of the effect of frontalis muscle flap as sling surgery in severe ptosis with poor levator palpebral superioris (LPS) action.
Method: Twenty-five eyes of 18 patients with severe congenital ptosis with poor LPS action were studied over a period of two years. It comprised of 13 eyes of 13 patients of severe unilateral congenital ptosis and ten eyes of five patients with ptosis associated with blepharophimosis syndrome. All patients underwent frontalis muscle flap sling surgery and were followed for six months.
Result: At final follow up, 88% of patients had a satisfactory result. No patients required re-surgery. Lagophthalmos was the most common complication seen which subsided by six months. The surgical lid elevation was effective without any recurrence or complete failure.
Conclusion: Frontalis muscle flap sling surgery is an effective procedure for severe ptosis with poor LPS action.