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Outcome of frontalis suspension surgery in pediatric ptosis

Mohd Khialdin S., Martin F., Jones M., Donaldson C.

Feasibility, safety and clinical efficiency of optometric service pathways at primary and tertiary care level in Ampang, Malaysia

Hussin D., Hendicott P., Carkeet A., Baker P., Chen A.,-H., Asnir Z., Z., Zainal Abidin Z., Hussain R., Mokhtar A.

External dacryocystorhinostomy

Long L., Y., Mohd Khialdin S., Ahmad Azli N. B.

Patient satisfaction of pterygium surgery using fibrin glue versus suture autograft

Mohamad Noh N., R., Yong G.,-Y., Lee S.,-T., Low K.,-F., Pan S.-W.

Case series of cultivated oral mucosa epithelium transplantation for limbal stem cell failure

Oh K., Zahidin A., Md Noh U., Mohd Khialdin S., Ooi G., Then K.

Safety and efficacy of posterior iris claw intraocular lens fixation in aphakic patients

Tomy R., Maheshwari R., Kunhu Muhammed A., P., Kalikivayi V., Jacob S.

Glaucoma and frequent flying

Ong K., Ong L., Armellin L.

The use of bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cell for cornea regeneration in rabbit model

Then K., Azlina M. Ropilah A.R. Ruszymah B.H.I. Rohaina C.M. Ng M.H.

Ocular sarcoidosis

Gupta P., C., Murugan B., Ram J.

Visual outcome and ocular survival in pediatric ocular trauma

Rao L., Bhandary S., Addoor K., Singh A., Nair S., Binu V.S.

Adult orbital tumor

Ho S., Othman R.

Combined Mobius Syndrome and Tarsal Kink Syndrome- A Unique Presentation.

Raj D., A., Nagpal P.,. R. C. Dhasmana P.,. R., Maitreya D.. A.

Ocular myiasis in a glioma: A case report

Mathew D., Selvin S., S., Kuruvilla S., Kuriakose T.

Clinical and histopathological correlation: A study on 334 eyes with retinoblastoma from Vietnam

Nguyen H., Pham V., Hoang T., Pham V., Nguyen C., Nguyen T., Vu T., Conway R.M.

Retained orbito-sinal wooden foreign body as an unsuspected cause of epistaxis: A case report

WADHWA V., tandon s., CHITGUPPI C., sura j., rajan s., chauhan a.

Chronic pseudophakic aqueous misdirection

Kaleem M., Eisengart J., Oberfeld S.

Congenital Absence of Meibomian Glands: report of two cases

Mafi M., Firouzeh R., Abdi F., Esfahani M., Faramarzi N.

Dietary intake and retinal microvasculature: a systematic review

Keel S., Koklanis C., Vukicevic M., Itsiopoulos C., Brazionis L.

Scleral thinning after eye-whitening surgery

Ide T., Ichihashi Y., Toda I., Fukumoto T., Tsubota K.

A rare case of Arthrographis kalrae keratomycosis in a non-contact lens wearer

Chow R., C., Chong S., Y., Khaw K., W., Yushaniza Y., Kamalden T.A.

Ultrasound biomicroscopic comparison of primary open-angle glaucoma and primary angle-closure glaucoma eyes in dark and light conditions

Young S., Aquino M., Shabana N., Zheng C., Loon S., C., See J., Teng Y., Gazzard G., Chew P.

Ocular metastasis from a rare thyroid carcinoma

Agahan A., L., Carrillo R., J., Chao P., M., Lising R.

The eye examination, the key diagnosis in a rare case of Wilson disease

Yaghoobi G., Yaghoobi M., Heydari B., Heidari E.

Frontalis muscle flap as sling in severe ptosis

Nagpal R., Grover A., Maitreya A., Baradur H.

Awareness and attitude of spectacle wearers to alternatives to corrective eyeglasses

Ayanniyi A., Olatunji F., Hassan R., Adekoya B., Monsudi K., Jamda A.

Cavernous haemangioma of the retina

Lusthaus J., Wong J., Horowitz G.

Subretinal crystalline lens – an unusual complication of blunt trauma

Nagaraj K., Tirumale S., Sriprakash K Savitha C Jayadev C.

Contact-lens related keratitis caused by an atypical organism

Ratnalingam V., Thean P., Retnasabapathy S., Santhirathelaga C.

A family with Von Hippel-Lindau disease with different presentations

Wong C.,-l., Lee M.,-Y., Sunder R. Jamalia R. Karunakar T.V.N. Joseph A.

Valsalva Haemorrhagic Retinopathy

Kannan B., Balaji V., Kummararaj S., Kummararaj G.

Pregnancy-induced Bilateral Corneal Oedema

Pandian D., Nogrum B., Srinivasan R., Gopaliah B.

Cataract in Seckel Syndrome

Rao V., Deshpande G., Rao G., Rehman P.

Primary Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma of the Eyelid

Chhabra S., Singh S., Kalra R., Duhan A., Marwah N., Sen R.

Central Corneal Thickness in Congenital Aniridia and its Role in Glaucoma in an Indian Population

Agarwal P., Devendra G., Shetty S., Das K., Vijayalakshmi P., Muralidhar R.

Cataract Surgery Outcomes in New South Wales, Australia

Dubey R., Chan K., Lertsumitkul S., Grigg J., McCluskey P.

Acute Visual Loss as a First Sign of Hyperhomocysteinaemia

Kolea A., Baltatzidis A., Margaritis V., Almoghrabi B., Kaldi I., Polychronakos A.

Non-central Serous Chorioretinopathy

Bronshtein R., Chet-Shoer K., Rumelt S.

Detection of Senile Scleral Plaque after Head Trauma

Guigui S., Lifshitz T., Baidousi A., Yagev R., Levy J.

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