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Case series of cultivated oral mucosa epithelium transplantation for limbal stem cell failure

Oh K., Zahidin A., Md Noh U., Mohd Khialdin S., Ooi G., Then K.

Safety and efficacy of posterior iris claw intraocular lens fixation in aphakic patients

Tomy R., Maheshwari R., Kunhu Muhammed A., P., Kalikivayi V., Jacob S.

Glaucoma and frequent flying

Ong K., Ong L., Armellin L.

Ocular sarcoidosis

Gupta P., C., Murugan B., Ram J.

Adult orbital tumor

Ho S., Othman R.

The use of bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cell for cornea regeneration in rabbit model

Then K., Azlina M. Ropilah A.R. Ruszymah B.H.I. Rohaina C.M. Ng M.H.